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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.

January 24th, 2010

(no subject) @ 09:06 pm

well i just too a shower and i just sat down a cried ...and cut but yeah thats different story
and this was all because me and my dad had a talk today
we talked about how bitchy the girls in my town were
because back a few years ago i told my dad that i had really wanted to move outa my town becuse i couldnt handle the bitchiness
because in my town everyone knows everything about everyone and its all because of the parents
its all because everyone who lives heres parents grew up heere
like my dads best friends stil live here
like all the jocks from my dads time are still here and their sons try to rule the shit
so my dad and my best friends mom were talking and my friends mom was like this town has wayy too many cliques....and that she wanted to pack up and leave
and honestly i am a very artsey person and i personally and i love to like dance and i love to draw and i love to paint and my town is too based off of sports...i cant wait to go to college and go to the city because honestly in the city it is ALL artsey people and i want to go to FIT college and ughh

i just absolutly HATE MY TOWN
and if i didnt live here i would be soo much happier

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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.