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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.

January 30th, 2010

(no subject) @ 01:02 am

well for this second i love my daddy...
him and i dont really get along all that well most of the time
but i am always going to be a daddys girl
no matter how much he used to hit me and yell and scream at me i am always a daddys girl...
as much as he might go out and get drunk with his friends every night my mom goes to work i am still a daddys girll..
this is becausee today he knew i was upset and he knew i was crying
so he felt really bad that he has been sooo horrible to me lately
(throwing shit at me and then fucking being a totally ass hole because work is stressing him)
also he felt bad he never got me anything for making it to states in tennis
and a bunch of other things
so he went out today and came back with a new laptop for me
i know that soudns spoiled but i legit NEVER get anything from my dad
he leaves the house at 6am and doesnt get home until 6pm and then i leave for dance at 430pm
so i dont see him...but if my mom is working then he leaves again at 730pm and i get home at 1130pm nd he doesnt get home until i go to bed WAY after 1230.....
and thats how the cycle continues

but i love him regardless :/
p.s at the moment he is downstairs drinking with 2 of his friends and there are more to come over and spend the night....its 1am ...my brother and his friends will be sleeping in my room with me because my dads friends will  be spending the night so they need my brothers room cause the couch will be filled :/

oh well....it should be fun anyway ...hopefully we can score some vodka or something ...PARTY IN MY ROOM!

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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.