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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.

January 29th, 2010

(no subject) @ 08:37 pm

ughh fuck this mother fucking shit
i hate people and just wish to dispear
mike today claims he didnt lay a hand on me and got his followers to agree
but he is only saying that because i said if i really wanted to i could just fucking tell the school and get them on his ass
i should have let my dad beat the shit outa his dad for what he did to me but i was nice and didnt

i told my dad that i really hate my town SO MUCh
and that i wish they would send me away to some random ass boarding school or something
because my town is just horrible
there are all these groups on facebook like join  "if you hate **** **** " or "If you are from W**** ***** and hate everyone in it"
its like serioulsy a cult
because everyones parents grew up here
so everyone is going off of there parents status

i was talking to a few of my friends and they are like "i dont even bother going out anymore because of all the drama"
its good to know im not alone then
except when im home i cut because im upset
and yeah cutting today was the most fun i have had in days
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I only smile because I'm told I have to , not because I want to.